Hi, my name is Elena and I am a product photographer. While I photograph quite wide range of products, glass is my specialty. I love to make photo’s of beverages, cocktails, beauty products, jewelry and accessories.

Nobody hires a photographer because it’s fun to do a photo shoot. Rising brand awareness, increasing leads and closing sales are the most common reasons to invite a professional photographer.

Photography for brand awareness and sales

As a commercial photographer I help business owners to stand out of the crowd by presenting their products and services in a visual language of their customers. Having been a business owner myself for the past 13 years, I understand the struggles and challenges entrepreneurs have to deal with.

Therefore I have to know to a few very important things prior to shooting. The first and foremost is the “why”. What do you want to achieve? Secondly, what are the core values of your brand and which unique story are you going to tell? Who is your audience and how or where your story is supposed to be told. It is helpful if you can provide me a list of key words which describes the viewers’ response.

The modern media landscape is diversified and each channel has its own rules. I help you with your website, branded content and images for traditional advertising by providing professional quality product images and packshots. Being an avid Photoshop user I am able to create a new reality  according to your vision and to tell the story of your brand in an outstanding fashion.