Packshots photos

Passport photos

Packshots are product photos on white background which are frequently used for e-commerce. These are a kind of passport photos of your product. The viewer has to see very clearly every detail, texture and the shape of a product, and also the colours should be rendered in their natural tones. It is needless to say the the background have to remain white, no matter how the light is falling on the subject matter.

variations of the a packshot

There are a couple of variations of the a packshot. You can order a photo with of without a shadow. In the most of cases products sell better if a photograph has a subtle shadow underneath, though some platforms as Amazon require no shadow and want the product to be at pure white background. This is the reason I always recommend to check the specifications of a platform prior booking a photo shoot..

Reflections are commonly used in jewelry and beauty product photography. They add a luxury look to the product and contribute to better sales. Here is the same advice would be applicable: check the requirements of the e-commerce platform if you want to be approved to sell your products there.

Sizes, dimensions, company logo and brand can be inserted into the image if necessary. Also copyright watermarks are frequently used to protect the copyright rights.

Packshots with dimensions of a product

No shoot is too small