Do you need professional images for your web shop, blog or social media channels? I have three unique options available so that you can be sure you get the package that is most suited to your company’s needs .

These prices include preparation of your products, like cleaning, removing labels on the back of transparent products, straightening, etc. and a high-end post production– removing dust, scratches, spots and other imperfections, centering, straightening, etc. Besides that you can hire me for other post production jobs, like removing or putting on logos, objects, complex retouching, etc. My hour rate is 75 euros ex. VAT.

Two weeks prior to the photo session, we will meet directly or via phone for appx. 20 minutes to determine the best way to visualize your product needs and objectives.

Packshots */ Studio (white background)

The basic package of 20 packshots- a product photos on a transparent / white background starts from 190 euros, that means 9.5 euros per photo. The actual price depends on the number of similar products in the batch, time needed to prepare it for the shoot, time spent on retouching and additional delivery requirements. it also depends if I work in my own studio or using my mobile studio at your premises. Please ask for a quote for your products and needs.

The rate also depends on the volume: the more you order, the lower the price. If your order is less than the basic package (20 images), special prices are applicable. They depend on complexity of the shoot and the volume. The minimal order is 110 euros ex. VAT per session.

All prices do not include the hour rate of a prop stylist or food stylist if it required for the shoot. I work with a number of stylists but I’m always happy to meet some new collegues!

The rate mentioned above do not apply to advertising campaigns as these require a tailor-made approach. For a consultation, please call directly at +31 629 000 314.